“The staff is the engine which runs township government. “

Debbie Spelbring, Clerk
Debbie, Clerk

“Grass roots government means allowing staff to work closely with the people we serve. I enjoy helping every resident of Clay Township who cross our door.  I will do whatever is necessary to deliver quality customer service. If you contact me and I am not available at that moment, I will get back to you as soon as I can. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I’ll do whatever I can to find a solution. You see, we really are government closest to the people.”


Donna, Township Assistance Caseworker
Donna, Township Assistance Caseworker


“People have difficulties from time to time and the Trustee’s office recognizes that. We are here to listen to your need and respond in a dignified and respectful manner. I consult with clients to provide a situation that you and our office will be comfortable with. We try our best to personalize each situation. It is my duty to serve and our office constantly strives to improve our services to the community.”

 “The staff does their work with a smiling face, treating each individual with respect”.